NDS Board

Jeff Mills


Jeff Mills has been a member of the NDS Board of Directors for over 20 years. He has served as the Board Secretary for several terms. And now serves as Board Chair as well as Chair for NDS’ Asset and Development Committee. He is currently the Community Development Director for US Bank.


Renee Booher

Vice Chair

Renee rejoined NDS Board of Directors in 2009. She previously served on the board from 2002-2005 as the board treasurer. She is now serving as Vice Chair as well as Chair of NDS’ Community and Commercial Committee. Renee works for Huntington Bank.


Rod Mishler


Rod Mishler joined NDS Board of Directors in December 2007. He is a certified public accountant. He serves as NDS Board Treasurer and serves as Vice Chair the NDS Finance Committee.

Barb Wensel


Barb Wensel joined NDS Board of Directors in 2018. She us the CFO of Townhall II. She serves as NDS Board Secretary and serves as Chair the NDS Finance Committee.

Heidi Kovach


Heidi Kovach joined NDS Board of Directors in May 2008. She is a resident of Ravenna and works for Ravenna Schools. She enjoys working with children and dedicates a lot of her time volunteering for various school related activities. She attended Ravenna High School and Kent State University. She previously served as NDS Board Secretary.

Shirley Capparell


Shirley Capparell joined NDS Board of Directors in 2011. She is a certified real estate broker and an Ohio certified appraiser. Shirley is a founding member of the State of Ohio Appraisal Division. She has an extensive background in real estate. Shirley attended Kent State University with a concentration of real estate courses. Shirley has over 18 years with property management corporations, acting as both an owner and manager. 

Ben Greenberg


Donna Kovolyan


Community Development

Commercial Development


Housing Development

Housing Development

Housing Development